At the age of five I was baptized as a Protestant in a Non-Denominational church in Cupertino, California.
As I grew with my church I had the privilege of wearing many hats. I was the pianist, organist, Sunday school teacher, usher, elected to the official board and elected as a Deaconess of my church. My most memorable time of being a Deaconess was when I assisted our minister with weddings. It was that experience and the knowledge that I gained from that which led me to become a wedding mobile minister.

Marriage signifies a new beginning. As your mobile minister, I would be honored to start your new journey with you. Being a mobile minister simply means that I travel to your destination to perform the wedding ceremony. If you are unsure of wedding locations in Mount Shasta I am happy to make some suggestions for you.

I am a non-denominational minister and I welcome all faiths.  I perform various types of ceremonies which would include Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, Vow Renewal and Same Sex weddings.

Your day is special and all about you. The ceremony can be simple, traditional or customized to fit you on your special day.

I am available 7 days a week. Last minute weddings are no problem.  Elopements are welcome.

I specialize in small intimate wedding ceremonies but I am happy to accommodate any group size.


wine-cakeBecause this day is so very special I am delighted to give you a wedding gift.

I provide you with a beautiful Wedding Certificate, a traditional white or decadent chocolate cake for two and either a bottle of champagne or apple cider along with two fluted champagne glasses. Please enjoy this gift from me on your honeymoon night.


I offer three wedding ceremony packages.

Package #1 – A simple ceremony: traditional or Non-Traditional; Religious or Non-Religious.
Price for package # 1: $175.00

Package #2 – A full ceremony including all your special requirements such as the lighting of the Unity Candle  or the Sand Ceremony, any songs or special readings.
Price for package #2:  $250.00

Package #3 – A full ceremony plus I will help you write your wedding vows by offering you an outline which we can customize to fit your very special day.

I also will take an hours worth of photographs and give you the SD card to do with as you wish.
Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer.
Price for package #3: $325.00

Package #4 – Spiritual Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony includes the following:

  • A smudge cleansing at the area site
  • An aura cleansing for the couple
  • A crystal water blessing of the rings
  • An angel card reading
  • The wedding ceremony

Price for package #4: $425.00

If there is to be a rehearsal prior to the wedding I will be available.


  • You are required by the state to provide me with your Marriage License along with the mailing envelope and you must have a minimum of 1 witness.
  • A $100.00 deposit is due prior to the ceremony by mail or in person.
  • After the ceremony I will mail your Marriage License to the county in which it was issued.


  • 48 hours is required.
  • If you have paid in full, the full amount will be returned to you.
  • If you cancel at the last minute and have paid in full all will be returned to you minus the $100.00 deposit.



There are many wonderful and diverse restaurants in Mount Shasta and Siskiyou county.

If you are looking for a full romantic and beautiful wedding venue with lodging, might I suggest the Mount Shasta Resort.

Your wedding is all about you so dress as you wish. This is Mount Shasta where all things are magical!